New text book on Nuclear Chemistry

The Publisher Walter de Gruyter, Berlin / New York, will publish a new text book on
Nuclear Chemistry for University students, to be edited by Frank Rösch.

This text book is conceived to meet the demand of state-of-the-art literature to teach the
fundamentals as well as the modern applications of nuclear chemistry. The work will consist of two
volumes: the first one covering the basics of nuclear chemistry such as the relevant parameters of
instable atomic nuclei, the various modi of radioactive transmutations, the corresponding types of
radiation including their detection and dosimetry, and finally the mechanisms of nuclear reactions. The
second volume addresses relevant fields of nuclear chemistry, such as the chemistry of radioactive
elements, application of radioactive nuclei in life sciences, nuclear energy, waste managements and
environmental aspects, radiochemical separations, radioanalytical and spectroscopic methods, etc.
Here, leading experts will contribute the recent knowledge on individual aspects.

Frank Rösch is author of more than 200 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters on fundamental and
applied radiochemistry and editor of the 5-volume Handbook of Nuclear Chemistry. In 1996 he was
appointed professor of Nuclear Chemistry and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry at the Institute of
Nuclear Chemistry of the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz, Gemany.