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Single Contributions:


Theoretical Chemistry


V. Pershina

            Theoretical Predictions of the experimental behaviour of the heaviest elements


            A. Borschevsky

            Fully relativistic ab initio studies of properties of the heaviest elements


Physics of SHE


            K. E. Gregorich

            Hot fusion in recoil separators


            A. Gorshkov

            Measurements of 260-262Rf produced in 22Ne + 244Pu fusion reaction at TASCA


            K. Morimoto

            Production and decay properties of 266Bh and its daughter nuclei by using the 248Cm(23Na, 5n) reaction


            R. Graeger

            Reaction studies about the Q-value influence on the production of superheavy elements


            Ch. E. Düllmann

            Decay properties of “chemistry isotopes” of light even-Z transactinides




Gas phase chemistry


            A. Serov

            Adsorption interaction of 113mIn and 212Pb isotopes with quartz


            R. Eichler

            Chemical investigations of element 114


Aqueous Chemistry


            Y. Nagame

            Aqueous chemistry of Rf and Db


            Y. Kasamatsu

            Anion-exchange experiment of Db with AIDA-II


            A. Toyoshima

            Electrochemical studies of the heaviest actinides


            K. Ooe

            Solvent extraction studies of molybdenum and tungsten as homologues of seaborgium (element 106)


            J. Even

            Underpotential deposition – a method to study the chemistry of hassium


            F. Samadani

            A SISAK extraction system for chemical studies of hassium


            D. Hild

            MicroSISAK – Improvements of a device for continuous liquid-liquid extraction on a microliter scale


            R. A. Hendersson

            Automated chemistry efforts at LLNL using Eichrom´s DGA resin


            M. E. Bennett

            Extraction chromatographic studies of Rf and Db homologs


Technical aspects


            M. Schädel

            TASCA – A new tool in the quest for superheavy element studies


            A. Yakushev

            A new TASCA focal plane detector and data acquisition system


            H. Nitsche

            From new actinide target technology to heavy element chemistry


            H. Haba

            RIKEN GARIS as a promising interface for superheavy element chemistry – Production of 261Rf using the GARIS/gas-jet system


            R. Dressler

            PureCOLD for ß-α-pile-up suppression – a status report


            D. Wittwer

            Stopping force estimations for element 114 in mylar and argon gas


            J. Runke

            Preparation of 244Pu targets by electrodeposition


            K. Eberhardt

            Coupling of TASCA with SHIPTRAP


            J.V. Kratz

            The Helmholtz-Institute Mainz: Stucture, Symmetry, and Stability